Premium Glacier Facial Serum

Age defense glacier serum

  • Firms and smoothes the skin immediately
  • Improves oxygen supply of skin cells
  • Protects the cells against environmental stress
  • Supplies new energy to the skin
  • Smoothes lines caused by facial expressions in short time

Premium Glacier Facial Serum –

for impressively smooth, impressively attractive skin

The skin is a complex organ which promotes different nutrient elements every day. Deficits weaken the cells and can drastically accelerate the aging of the skin. Simultaneously, the skin loses collagen over time, which makes lines and laughter lines form more quickly. The complexion loses tautness and elasticity and is susceptible to internal and external stresses. Now there is a need for a high-performance skincare treatment which feeds men’s skin with all the vital nutrients it needs and specifically builds it up from deep within: NIANCE Premium Glacier Facial Serum with SWISS GLACIER COMPLEX®!

How it works