NIANCE Premium Selection

NIANCE® Premium Selection

Exceptionally beautiful - the packaging
Being enveloped by a precious cover, protected by a splendid lock and embedded in velvet, NIANCE® Premium Selection makes every woman's eyes shine. First a casket for beauty, later a safe hideaway for most precious memories and little secrets.

Exceptionally beautiful - the content
NIANCE® provides effective products to facilitate the skin's visible rejuvenation. NIANCE® Premium Glacier Facial Cream, NIANCE® Premium Glacier Facial Serum and NIANCE® Premium Glacier Eye Serum are three premium products that provide your skin with perfect care based on the latest findings in Swiss dermal research.

Exceptionally beautiful - the effects
In those three luxury products of NIANCE® Premium Selection, SWISS GLACIER COMPLEX® exclusively developed for NIANCE® unites with the best active agents known by Swiss dermal research - to enable innovative multi-anti-aging effects!